SAB Biotherapeutics Brings New Technology to BIO

Jun 26, 2014

Sioux Falls, South Dakota – Attendees at BIO will have a glimpse of a new technology from SAB Biotherapeutics, Inc. (SAB) that can revolutionize the way diseases are treated and even prevented. 

The Sioux Falls-based company has developed the world’s first large animal platform technology to produce fully human antibodies, both monoclonal and polyclonal, to produce biopharmaceuticals and fight disease.

“We are moving very rapidly toward clinical studies in infectious disease areas using the antibodies that come from our platform technology that we call the DiversitAb™ system,” said Dr. Eddie Sullivan, President and CEO.

The natural, large-scale technology has the ability to create antibodies that could be used to prevent and treat human conditions such as cancer, autoimmune disorders, inflammation, and infectious diseases.

“This technology can truly transform our ability to quickly respond to global health threats,” added Sullivan. “Our living laboratories react rapidly to antigens of many kinds and in a few weeks are producing antibodies we collect from plasma.”

The first-of-its-kind technology originated at the University of Massachusetts in Amherst, and has been named the DiversitAb™ platform, stemming from the antibodies’ unique high diversity and high affinity compared to other systems, giving them a wider range of application and shorter development cycle.

 “We have been working in the infectious disease area, as well as oncology, and are looking forward to clinical studies by the first part of 2015,” Sullivan said.

 Founded as Hematech Inc. in Massachusetts in 1998, it later became a subsidiary of the Japanese company Kirin Pharma, which then merged with Kyowa Hakko Kogyo to form KHK. In 2003, Hematech formed a joint venture with Trans Ova Genetics of Sioux Center, Iowa, to manage its animal needs and moved research to Sioux Falls. The Company was acquired by Sanford Frontiers in early 2013 and became Sanford Applied Biosciences. BioDak, LLC recently acquired a controlling interest in the technology and with Sanford Frontiers created SAB Biotherapeutics.

 The DiversitAb™ platform technology allows SAB to rapidly develop counter measures to emerging diseases around the world.

 “People are excited about it,” said Sullivan. “The idea of being able to produce human antibodies in a large animal species like cattle that would allow us to collect really large amounts of human antibody that are targeted to specific diseases is really unique in the world.

 And considering it was developed over the last 12 years in Sioux Falls, SD, that would probably be something missed by a lot of people.”

 “Over the next three years I can see a tremendous amount of growth happening, both within our company, and also with the opportunities we have in Sioux Falls and South Dakota to really develop and nurture what has already become a burgeoning industry in the city and the state,” added Sullivan, who also is president of South Dakota Biotech. 

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