BALSA Group Seminar

Apr 13, 2017

Enhancing STEM Graduate Education with Hands-On Consulting Experience

The BALSA (Biotechnology and Life Sciences Advising) Group is a group of young professionals who strive to support, expand, and shape entrepreneurship and innovation. The BALSA Group, a successful consulting organization at Washington University in St Louis, Missouri, provides hands-on experience in the business of science and technology, focusing on the development of transferable skills. BALSA, has 100 active members who participate: 60% of the members are science PhD students, 30% are science postdocs and a few are business or law students. The work involves product development and market analysis for local start-ups and entrepreneurs in the biotechnology, agriculture and health-care industries. The BALSA Group’s broad expertise makes alumni highly marketable in whichever fields they choose to enter.

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