"The Dakota Seeds program is great because it establishes a pipeline for permanent employees and that’s exactly what we’re hoping to accomplish with our interns,” said Shon Anderson, B9 Creations vice president.

I’ve utilized other programs offered through the GOED as well and found them to be a tremendous asset to growing businesses and recruiting workforce. Whether you’re a start-up like we are or a company with locations all over the state, the GOED has some excellent programs to help you find the right talent and funding to assist with bringing people on-board.” [Read more]

About Dakota Seeds

Internships are a great way to help fill your temporary workforce needs and establish a pipeline for permanent employees. Internships also enhance a student’s education by providing work experience in their chosen career pathway.

To promote internships, the Dakota Seeds Program can provide 50% of the intern’s wages with a maximum of $2000 per intern. Internships must relate to a high need industry sector. Please see program guidelines for more information.

If you are interested in posting an internship, please contact the Department of Labor and Regulation (DLR), either at a local office (Click here for a listing of our offices) or through the DLR website.

Students interested in the program should click here for a guide

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