SD BIO Membership Benefits

Here are a few of our Major Benefits to our members:

  1. Direct Financial Savings
    Significant discounts are available to SD BIO members on services, supplies, event registrations and exhibits.
  2. Fisher Scientific
    This exclusive Partnership between Fisher Scientific and SD BIO offers aggressive pricing discounts providing up to a ten-fold return on investment from member dues.  
  3. BIO Business Solutions
    Through its partnership with the Biotechnology Industry Organization the South Dakota Biotech Association offers its members the opportunity to take advantage of the discounted pricing and other benefits on products and services from the following service providers.

  4. Advocacy
    SD BIO represents the needs of its members by helping legislators and regulators stay focused on the biotech issues and by fighting for legislation and regulation that positively impacts our industry.

    Federal Issues: State Issues:
    –Drug Safety –Food & Agriculture
    –Access to SBIR Grants –Bioenergy
    –Agricultural Regulations –Economic Development
    –Bioenergy Policy –Human Health
    –Acceptance of Biotechnology –R & D investment
    –Follow-on Biologics –Intellectual Property
    –Increased NIH funding –R & D investment
    –Bioethics Issues  
    –Patent Reform  
    –FDA Appropriation  

  5. Access to SD BIO Information and Events

    South Dakota Biotech members will receive quarterly newsletters, legislative updates and periodic access to Association updates. 

    –Networking and Events
    South Dakota Biotech can take advantage of periodic events and gain access to our legislators throughout the year at various SD BIO events. BIO AFTER HOURS showcases various members by hosting and offers valuable networking opportunities. 

    –Educational Programs
    Members can take advantage of SD BIO news dissemination services at no cost to supply news releases and information across the State, Midwest or entire United States.


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South Dakota Biotech 
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