Breakthrough Student Video Competition

What does "Biotechnology" mean to you?

What is this about?

South Dakota Biotech, SD EPSCoR and Sanford PROMISE present the first annual SD Biotech Video Competition – What does “Biotechnology” mean to you? The competition is a statewide opportunity for high school students, and freshman or sophomore year undergraduates to explore how biotechnology is a part of their communities. 

The competition encourages students to be creative and use videos to show how biotechnology is feeding, fueling or healing in their community and helping to make a better world. Act it out, create an animation, sing it but, make sure it is appropriate for all ages. 

Are you:

- A high school student or a freshman or sophomore undergraduate student living in the state of South Dakota?

- Interested in making short videos?

- Excited about technology, science or both?

If you answered, "yes" to any of the questions above than this competition is for you!

Who can participate?

9th-12th grade high school students and freshman or sophomore undergraduate college/university students in South Dakota

- U. S. legal resident, residing in South Dakota

- Participants cannot be related to employees of SD Biotech, SD EPSCoR or Sanford PROMISE.

What are we looking for?

- Creative videos highlighting the importance of biotechnology to you as an individual and also highlighting its value to your community.

How can I participate?

For information on the application process and guidelines for participating in this competition please go to the following website:


For more information and questions please contact: 

Tobi Odeleye (

Deadline for submission:

Friday, March 24th, 2017 by 11:59pm CST

Winners will be announced Spring 2017 

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