2018 SD Biotech Summit & Awards Banquet

Join us for BREAKTHOUGH! the 2018 South Dakota Biotech Summit & Awards Banquet. Learn about the amazing breakthroughs happening all around us, from human and animal health to agriculture. And collaborate on how we can continue breaking through the barriers of deploying these new technologies to heal, fuel and feed a growing world.

Breakthrough Summit & Annual Meeting - ONE HEALTH 

Thursday, October 4, 2018

SD Biotech's annual summit brings together biotech industry business leaders, educators and the professionals who support them.

“In one day, you’ll be exposed to a huge range of innovation occurring in our state,” said Joni Johnson, executive director of South Dakota Biotech. “We have an outstanding lineup of presenters ready to share their work and provide insight on where our industry is heading.”

The luncheon keynote speaker will be Mike Thompson, vice president of partner development at Benson Hill Biosystems, which empowers the food and agricultural community to unlock the natural genetic power of plants.

Panel discussions will cover topics including fueling the world through bioenergy, clinical trials and the exciting strides being made through bioscience in animal health.

“Our industry is moving rapidly in the direction of ‘One Health’ – bringing together expertise in plant, animal and human health to innovate solutions that will help us globally,” Johnson said. “Our summit ties directly to that theme and we think those across our industry will leave energized to continue building on their work.”

The summit concludes with the annual meeting of South Dakota Biotech, the state affiliate for BIO, the industry’s largest trade organization.




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