Healing, Feeding and Fueling The World

South Dakota Biotech has committed to supporting industry advocacy and public policy initiatives since its founding in 2006. From the state capitol in Pierre to Washington, D.C., the association works collaboratively to drive positive change for the industry and defeat legislation that would be detrimental to bioscience in South Dakota and beyond. South Dakota Biotech works closely with national organizations including the Biotechnology Innovation Organization (BIO) to ensure the state's voice is amplified in critical policy discussions industrywide.

South Dakota Biotech is dedicated to maintaining ongoing positive relationships with the Governor's office, South Dakota's congressional delegation, members of the state legislature and municipal elected officials. Together, we seek to continually promote the recruitment and retention of bioscience companies and the talent that drive them, establishing South Dakota as a premier state for bioscience.

Become an Advocate for Biotechnology

On the forefront of furthering lifesaving, landmark innovation, the biotechnology industry in 2019 promises to continue to heal, fuel and feed the world. 

Now, more than ever before, advocates for biotechnology must lend their voice to balance the public policy debate by sharing their own stories and debunking the many myths and misinformation told about our innovation. BIO works hard to do this every day, but we need your active support.

Learn about the key issues facing our biotechnology sectors, and how to get involved and share your biotechnology story, below. It's easy to do – check out BIO's new on-line tool for you to contact your federal or state public officials with your views via e-mail, phone or social media. We've made it easier for you to access information and share content about biotechnology and prescription medicines.

Toolkit for Advocates

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Innovature: A Conversation About Innovation in Food & Agriculture

Thanks to a growing understanding of DNA and advanced breeding methods in agriculture, innovations such as gene editing can benefit our planet, our health and our food.

As our climate changes — growing hotter and dryer in some regions, while other areas face intense flooding — producing food will continue to become increasingly difficult. Science is helping farmers and researchers meet this challenge head on.

Beyond climate change, gene editing holds the promise of addressing a number of society's most pressing needs, such as sustainability and the ongoing quest to improve health and wellness.

With Innovature, we are encouraging a thoughtful discussion on the potential to solve these challenges. Innovature, a joint project of the Biotechnology Innovation Organization (BIO) and the American Seed Trade Association (ASTA), is dedicated to cultivating a conversation about agricultural advancements and the benefits they can provide society, as well as the people who make them possible. The intention of this platform is to engage diverse voices in a dialogue that is thoughtful, wide-ranging and inclusive of varying viewpoints to realize the benefits of innovation.  

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BIOtech Now

BIOtech Now is the first in a number of new products from BIO intended to enhance our communications with the biotech community — not only with our members, but with other stakeholders as well. This monthly e-newsletter, combined with its web site, serves as our flagship in that effort.

BIOtech Now will:
  • Offer original content that emphasizes the business needs of the industry.
  • Highlight BIO's advocacy efforts.
  • Provide a portal to all BIO activities and events.
  • Most important, it will spotlight for those outside the industry the value of biotechnology.