The Value of Bioscience Innovation in Growing Jobs and Improving Quality of Life

This biennial report focuses on the economic progress and footprint of the industry geographically including the performance, positioning and latest trends in the bioscience industry for the nation, states and metropolitan areas. For the first time, it includes a national assessment of the full economic impact of the bioscience industry not only in terms of employment, but also with respect to economic output and fiscal impacts. In addition, the report details the nation's academic research activities and trends in federal funding, access to critical angel and venture capital and the innovation outputs context via patent activities.

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2022 Impact on South Dakota


Economic Development Best Practices

BIO 2019 Emerging Emerging Therapeutic Company Trend Report

In this report, BIO set out to identify trends affecting emerging therapeutic companies across five core areas of investment and
deal-making: venture capital, initial public offerings (IPOs), follow-on public offerings (FOPOs), licensing, and acquisitions. In
addition, the clinical pipeline is analyzed for each disease area, phase, and degree of industry partnering. This broad-based
analysis will help identify where scientific or policy issues may be impacting the ability to maintain a robust pipeline of innovative
medicines – a goal that is shared by patients, healthcare providers, policymakers, investors, and the biopharmaceutical
industry alike.

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