South Dakota State University
Office of Technology Transfer

By facilitating partnerships in universities and industry, the Office of Technology Transfer & Commercialization at South Dakota State University drives science and technology-based economic development.

The OTTC strives to build a foundation for creation of new jobs, formation of new technology-based business, and a diversified economic base to create a globally competitive economy in South Dakota.

OTTC functions include:

  • Assisting in forming collaboration between universities and industry partners
  • Evaluating commercial potential of intellectual properties
  • Protecting intellectual properties
  • Commercializing intellectual properties with industry partners
  • Providing equitable financial benefit to inventors and SDSU

The Office of Technology Transfer & Commercialization can provide templates for, negotiate and get approved signatures for any documents needed for sharing intellectual property, research collaborations, or sponsored research, sponsored service, and facility use agreements.

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University of South Dakota
Technology Transfer

Technology Transfer is USD's intellectual property administration hub with the responsibility of managing intellectual property assets developed at the University, by working with faculty who are transferring materials such as mice, plasmids, reagents for their research.

Our mission is to assist faculty and students in moving innovative ideas from USD into the marketplace for the benefit of society. We promote innovation, enhance research, bring the benefits of USD's discoveries to society and facilitate economic development.

Intellectual property (IP) refers to creations of the mind including: works of authorship, inventions and discoveries, patents, copyrights, trade secrets, results and products of research, scholarly writings and creative activities. Technology transfer is the process of converting scientific findings into useful products or services for society and involves identifying, protecting, and sharing (either commercially or non-commercially) IP.

TTO Responsibilities Involve

  • Receiving and evaluating invention disclosures, along with the Senate Faculty Intellectual Property Committee, for patentability and commercial potential
  • Seeking patent protection or other protective measures for IP
  • Developing strategies and plans for commercialization of inventions and copyrightable work
  • Work with inventors and creators to find potential licensees for IP
  • Drafting, negotiating and executing legal agreements such as material transfer agreements, non-disclosure agreements, technology development agreements, sponsored research agreements and commercialization licenses
  • Administrative reporting, communications and royalty tracking and distribution to inventors.

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South Dakota School of Mines & Technology

The SD Mines Office of Economic Development (OED) is the institutional unit whose goal is to assist students, faculty and other academic personnel to engage in entrepreneurial activities and transition scientific and technological innovations. 

Contact: Office of Economic Development, | (605) 394-5168

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