Biotech company a finalist to become "Buzz of BIO"

Inanovate, which detects and measures biomarkers related to breast cancer, is a finalist in the category of technologies of tomorrow.

The company uses a breakthrough blood analysis technology to use a finger prick of blood to analyze more than 50 autoimmune biomarkers. Test indications under development include screening out false-positive mammograms, monitoring a patient’s response to therapy and detecting recurrent cancer in its earliest stage.

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The winner will be able to present at the international BIO event in Philadelphia to an audience that includes business development executives, investors and research analysts.

Inanovate has an office at the Zeal Center for Entrepreneurship and is working with Sanford Research as it brings its technology to market.

Inanovate wouldn’t be the first winner of the BIO distinction from South Dakota. Nanopareil became the “Buzz of BIO” in 2017 and recently announced a significant new investment.

“We’re so excited that another South Dakota biotech startup has been nominated for this prestigious recognition,” said Joni Johnson, executive director of South Dakota Biotech. “The biotech industry definitely has taken notice of the activity occurring in our state, and it would be wonderful to further showcase the work of Inanovate on an international stage.”

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