Emerging Bioeconomies: Ecosystems and Society

January 11-12, 2022 | 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. EST
Emerging Bioeconomies: Ecosystems and SocietyPlease RSVP your availability to attendThis workshop will convene experts from academia, industry, and public/private sectors to explore societal, economic, behavioral, regulatory, and other challenges and opportunities to help design bioeconomy innovation hubs (Regional Innovation Engines [RIE]) and develop a bioeconomy ecosystem that spurs innovation, entrepreneurship, economic growth, and social wellbeing.

There is a need to understand societal, economic, behavioral, and other challenges and opportunities that arise in developing a bioeconomy ecosystem, and how these factors interact in spurring innovation through bioeconomy innovation hubs, encouraging entrepreneurship, and growth of a bioeconomy. Expertise from academia, industry,  and the public sector brings important perspectives and expertise to this workshop.

UIDP seeks to bring together practitioners who can speak to themes such as:
  • Bioeconomy ecosystem and innovation hubs
  • Societal challenges and opportunities in bioeconomy
  • Regional and geographic considerations in the bioeconomy
  • Diversity and inclusion in bioeconomyUIDP has secured funding from the National Science Foundation for this workshop.

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