How Has Technology Changed Farming?

Agriculture has made incredible strides over the last 10,000 years—and the pace of innovation has only accelerated in the last couple decades. Take a look at how farming technology has evolved throughout the past 60 years. 

Technology in Agriculture
Aided by significant advancements in technology, farming innovation really began to pick up during the second half of the 20th century and into the beginning of the 21st century. Today, these ongoing developments are growing exponentially, forever changing how farmers work and what we can all accomplish through agriculture. 

The Green RevolutionIn the mid-1940s U.S. Vice President Henry Wallace spearheaded a program to help developing nations feed their growing populations. The program included four scientists, one of whom was Dr. Norman Borlaug.

Using traditional plant breeding methods, Borlaug started a growing process that allowed plants to thrive with new irrigation and crop management techniques. By the 1960s, the benefits of what was nicknamed the “Green Revolution” were apparent when successful new wheat varieties were made available in countries across the globe.

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