S.D. Biotech leader looks toward post-COVID future with industry positioned for growth

Looking toward the future is part of Ekstrum’s role as the leader of South Dakota Biotech, the state affiliate of the international BIO organization

And it frames up how she’s seeing the industry approach a post-COVID world.

“We focus on feeding, fueling and healing the world, and in this moment it is critical to be innovating on all three fronts,” she said. “Look at the threats we’re experiencing today: disease, security, supply chain, climate, energy, energy independence, the food supply, animal health. Conceptually, this industry is positioned to address all of these, and South Dakota has tremendous opportunities to be a leader.”

We caught up with Ekstrum – who recently was nominated for an EmBe Tribute to Women award in the category of Healthcare & STEM – about where the industry is headed.

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