Startup Sioux Falls Features SD Biotech

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Organization Focus: South Dakota Biotech

The bioscience and technology industry in Sioux Falls is strong, and South Dakota Biotech exists to make it even stronger.

As the state affiliate of the national non-profit, Biotechnology Innovation Organization, SD Biotech is a trade association formed in 2006 to support the state’s bioscience industry.

Executive Director, Joni Johnson, says the primary responsibilities include ensuring that the state’s life science industry is strong and vibrant, and members of the association are getting their business needs met.

The South Dakota chapter has around fifty members, ranging from universities to both early-stage and mature companies.

Members benefit from cost-saving partnerships with organizations like Fisher Scientific and BIO Business Solutions, as well as educational and networking opportunities throughout the year.While networking events through SD Biotech are geared toward members, Johnson emphasizes the importance of engaging with the entire Sioux Falls community.

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